Originally published at https://ivoberger.com on April 4, 2021.

I recently migrated my website from Next.js to SvelteKit as it reached public beta and I’ve been meaning to try Svelte for a while now. I’ve been using Vercel Analytics since it was introduced alongside Next.js 10 in October 2020 to track my site’s real-world performance and wanted keep using it with SvelteKit but (to no ones surprise) there’s no official integration (yet).

What is Vercel Analytics?

Vercel Analytics is a tool to track your website’s Web Vitals on user’s devices. You can always run Lighthouse or PageSpeed Insights to test your site but since it…

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Originally published at http://ivoberger.com.

If you need live updates for anything in your Dart application Streams are the way to go. They are used for the BloC architecture, Cloud Firestore, reading large files and so on.

The built-in methods already allow for a lot of manipulation such as de-duping, map, join and much more. For use cases beyond these pre-defined methods the StreamTransformer class comes into play.

This post will describe how to take a source stream and create a new stream for every event the source emits. …

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If you have a server on a private network and need to access it from the outside (but can’t simply give it an external IP) you can use port forwarding on an externally accessible server to get around it. Once set up it simply sends all incoming packets that meet certain criteria to a new IP. That way you can connect to a public server in order to communicate with the private server.


All following steps need the to be done on the externally accessible machine and need to be run as with root privilege’s. I’ll assume a scenario where…

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